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JUST-IN® dressing help

A new trend of a new generation!


"just-in" is a revival from the 1970s,   that certainly awakens many childhood memories of the (grand)mother's changing room, where all family members could quickly and easily change their clothes. A utensil that was a matter of course and a fixed part of almost every bathing bag.  

From the practical "changing room experiences" of our family when bathing with two children, the idea arose that an optimized model - light, small and foldable with an attractive design - should find its way back into the bathing bags!


Newly "packaged" with the image "cool, unconventional and original", "just-in" represents a funny, beautiful, useful must-have for all those who no longer want to change under easily slipping, wet bath towels. For everyone who doesn't want to hide but wants to be in control of their body with self-confidence.

An absolute insider tip for "small" and "larger" individualists.

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