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  • How plump can the person using this changing aid be? "
    By Angelika on July 30, 2015 I'm already "bulky" (dress size 48) and it fits perfectly - big enough in any case to change clothes discreetly. I still love it and I take it with me on vacation. From Anne Redenz on July 30, 2015As a woman, I wear textile size 44, my husband 54. So we're both not that slender and get along well with the cape. Response from Just-in-Team Hello dear customer, I can't tell you exactly because it is of course a very individual feeling of what is "possible". In any case, we have customers who weigh a good 90 kg and can handle it very well. The length is 106 cm and 100 cm width, so it is by no means only suitable for "willowy" people - in the worst case you would have to return the product.
  • Is Just-in only suitable for children?
    Of course not - Just-in is convenient for everyone. In the meantime also in size L for very tall people.
  • Is Just-in also intended for drying off?
    NO - the big difference to other products of this type is that we use a super light functional fabric to achieve our mini pack size. On the other hand, it doesn't stick to the skin, dries very quickly and really fits in every bathing bag and also in the luggage on the flight.
  • Can you wash just in?
    WASH the changing aid only at 40° C - the print could be damaged at higher temperatures.
    IRON just-in hand warm. Only PACK your changing aid dry, when it is wet the moisture cannot escape from the bag. Just-in is not a substitute for a towel. The functional fabric is dirt-repellent but sensitive to sun oils and creams
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